My Top Ten Books of 2018 for Startup Leaders

If you’re a startup leader, these are ten book recommendations for you that I found helpful in 2018. Not all were written in the past year; it’s just when I read them. Hope you enjoy my recommendations by category. Any you’d like to add? I’d love to hear your suggestions! Leadership and Self-Improvement Ego isContinue reading “My Top Ten Books of 2018 for Startup Leaders”

A Startup Within a Startup at Sonder

This spring, I joined Sonder, a rapidly-scaling tech company looking to launch their DC market. The company was completely new to me but the opportunity was too exciting to pass up. Sonder aims to provide a unique, yet consistent experience for stays in beautiful hand-picked locations in cities around the world. Each Sonder is purposefullyContinue reading “A Startup Within a Startup at Sonder”

How We Applied Design Thinking To Employee Onboarding At Our Startup

Have you ever been frustrated with the way you were treated by a company as a job applicant? I’m guessing the answer is “yes.” Through my work with multiple startups, I’ve learned that design thinking provides incredible benefits to the organization by leveraging both the organization’s and applicant’s point of views. Step 1: Empathize WeContinue reading “How We Applied Design Thinking To Employee Onboarding At Our Startup”