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Building companies is hard.

There’s no comprehensive playbook. Leadership can be lonely.

The learning never stops. There’s never enough time.

A good coach helps.

Hi, I’m Patrick.

I provide coaching to entrepreneurial leaders so they can build their businesses successfully and experience unrivaled personal growth.

How the coaching process helps you grow

Step 1

You share your goals in a free intro call

Step 2

Together, we’ll build a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals

Step 3

You’ll scale better, with less stress, more clarity, and more accountability

Are you an entrepreneur or startup operations manager?

Do you feel that you’re hitting a ceiling on one of your management skills? Or that your priorities are unclear? Or that your strategy or operations are cracking as you scale? I feel you.

My coaching system is designed for you.

My 10+ years of experience helping entrepreneurial leaders thrive through significant change and growth could be your asset.

Let’s talk today about your entrepreneurial leadership goals.

How I’ve Helped Others

“Paddy has demonstrated his leadership and expertise on countless occasions while serving on DonorSee’s Board of Advisors. While thoroughly understanding our organizational realities, he provided precise advice that took us from pre to post-PMF. We are now experiencing substantial growth as Paddy continues to support us by encouraging focus, suggesting practical strategies and tools, and championing our cause to his strong personal network.”

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Gret Glyer – CEO, DonorSee

Leadership Experience

In Afghanistan with one of my Marines, 2013

My experience and studies are at your service. I’ve led teams of 3 to 123 with up to 8-figure P&Ls across every organization size from solo entrepreneur to 1,400+ employees, as well as experiencing leadership in corporate and military environments.

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