A Handy Template for Memos Recommending Change

change memo template

If you’ve identified a problem in your organization and want to propose a new course of action, a persuasive memo can help drive change.

A mentor walked me through this convenient template for a logical memo format that can get stuff done. Enjoy!

  • Problem
    • Work from symptoms to root cause by asking ‘why’
  • Why are we talking about this? (could be any of the below or others)
    • Size (eg. this is a big issue as it puts xx CM $s at risk)
    • Impact (eg. it will impact xx% of the company/ units)
    • People (eg it touches xx% of our people/ front line, etc..)
    • Process/ Function (would change how / when we do things..)
  • Options
    • What are the extremes, tease out a few spectrums of possibilities to explore (get outside ur comfort zone.. if this feels easy, stop, go back and try again.. get uncomfortable, that’s where change happens!)
    • Have you now aligned on a set of options to explore?
    • What are the options along the spectrum? Pros/ Cons/ $Costs/ Rev $ impact of each option
  • Recommendation (it may be an option at one of the ends of the spectrums!)
    • Why this?
    • Why not another?
    • Implications to money, people, operations..
  • Impact of your recommendation
    • Financial, People, Ops, other..

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